Jaisalmer stone flooring

Jaisalmer stone flooring is best yellow marble flooring in interior and wall cladding,Rajputana House is expansive home in mumbai, India, completed by chiraraagency, that showcases Indian raw materials with its bright Jaisalmer yellow sandstone floors.  They contrast nicely within a rich blue interior wall, exposed concrete walls, and timber roofing.

Jaisalmer stone flooring

Jaisalmer stone flooring is used throughout the main level, with echoes of the yellow and blue kota stone contrast carried into furnishings and art in of the home. jaisalmer yellow marble also continues on the second floor, which you reach by way of an open stairwell.

Flooring of jaisalmer stone

The exterior of the home has a distinctly contemporary feel.  The architects explained that they chose the spot for the mature trees that they found on the plot. This creates an interesting mix of natural and industrial forms visible from the street.


  • Stone type- yellow lime stone
  • Color – yellow
  • Uses – interior flooring & wall cladding
  • Price Rang – 45/-sq.ft. upto 85/-sq.ft.
  • Thickness – 18mm
  • Surface – unpolished & fully polished
  • Minimun quantity order – 5000 sq.ft.
  • Stone form – slab size -big & small slab
  • Quality – Etta gold, mulsagar,supari gold, jaisalmer yellow & teak wood
  • Gst – 18%
  • Loading – 250/-tone
  • Weight per sq.ft. – 5.50kg /-sq.ft.